How to Install Nest Video Doorbell

Smart Door Bells are a great way to secure your home, whether you are looking for a secure way of answering the bell, or security from burglars or dealing with couriers when you are out and about.

Since it's not a battery powered but It's really easy to install, everything that you need is in the box. But if you don't feel comfortable you can always hire a professional to do the install for you. when you pick one up you are going to need an existing wire doorbell setup to make this work.

Nest Video Doorbell :

THE DESIGN  : it's clean , slim and it's minimal with the big button there ,  that you can push that lights up around .

RELIABILITY & SPEED : The reliability of the nest hello has been a big factor in its success and the speed as well ,  what makes it more  appreciable out of anything.

SOFTWARE : The software is also really easy to use.  Just hit the talk button to have a conversation with whoever's at the door and if you're in a meeting or if you don't have time to talk , there are 3 preset messages that can be played through the doorbell which are not customizable .

AUDIO : The audio is adequate enough for having a two-way conversation

ASPECT RATIO : The aspect ratio that you see on video is four by three ,a little bit unconventional in the doorbell field because a lot of them  just have  a big wide angle but this means you can see more of the subjects that's at the door.

WIDE COVERAGE : It has high dynamic range which is really nice . It covers front porch , back porch and even the cars crossing by which you couldn't see on other doorbells .


SECURITY : It works like a security camera and it records 24/7 so you can actually see what happened between your notifications and you don't miss a thing

LIVE FEED : You don't have to wait for door bell to connect to see what's happening outside because its always showing live feed through nest app making it different from others.

FACIAL RECOGNITION : Nest has coolest feature that  is the facial recognition ,that's been pulled over from their IQ indoor and outdoor cameras . You don't have to do much to get it to work.  Every time that the doorbell sees a face it's gonna take a capture of that face ,then when you go inside the app it's gonna ask you if it's familiar or unfamiliar and you can actually group them and give them names.

MUTE THE CHIME : Yes , you can mute the chime if your kids are taking a nap , if somebody’s at the door , the ring goes to your phone , which is absolute a genius feature

So , if you are looking up for something for your house which must have security and camera then it should be a Nest Video Doorbell . It's important in today's time to have 24/7 recording which requires Monthly subscription , costs $5 per month .


  1. The First step is going to website , and ensuring that your doorbell is compatible
  2. Second , you need to remove the baseplate of your current doorbell.
  3. Mount the plate thats included with the nest protect
  4. It has Two plates : Flat plate and an angled plate , you can choose one according to the view you want to have
  5. The actual nest doorbell will attach to the two wires from where your existing doorbell came off
  6. Splice the two wires and push them behind the screw and tighten the wires with screwdriver
  7. Now , push the doorbell onto the plate , it clicks very easily on it .
  8. Nest Doorbell comes with a Dongle which has two chords , two wires and a ground wire .
  9. Remove the existing wire form the transformer and and attach it with nest wire , and the remaining two wires to the transformer .
  10.  Once you are done with above , stick the white sphere to the doorbell transformer and place the cover back on .
  11. Last step is adding your nest hello to your existing nest app or download the nest app and setup the nest hello
  12. You are ready to go !!



After successfully installing the Nest Doorbell , setting it up through nest app is the last resort

  1. First  step is adding your nest hello to your existing nest app or download the nest app and setup the nest hello
  2. You need to check if your Nest hello has the light ring when you power up .
  3. Third you need to tell the app , where you want to position your Nest Hello and for this you can see number of option in the app from where you can select the appropriate one
  4. Now it will start looking for your camera
  5. After successful connection it will take you to the screen where you need to connect it with your WIFI .
  6. Now if you have already installed the WEDGE , Then click on “NEXT” else you need to install the wedge in order to see the live video .
  7. Now , The app will ask you if your chime sounds alright ? or leave the section unselected
  8. Now you are good to go . Here you will be seeing a pop up saying “ You Nest Hello and Chime connectors are ready “ .
  9. Last step is Selecting the language of your choice
  10. It also has pre-recorded voices that you can select while answering the door .
  11. You are good to go now . Good luck !!