How to Install Ring Doorbell Elite


Ring Doorbell Elite Setup

Ring doorbell Elite is around the same size as different models in Ring’s Video doorbell line. There are some cosmetic variations, like a lot of faceplate choices to match your home’s exterior and an arguably sleeker style, however, the first variations that drive the Elite’s higher tag boil all the way down to service and functionality. If you experience problems with wifi dropping out or stormy low-res videos, you simply can’t totally trust that your house is secure. It’s cheap to expect that your 24/7 video capture can truly be 24/7.

How to Install Ring Doorbell Elite:

  1. For ring video doorbell elite you'll need to install ring doorbell elite before performing setup in the ring app.
  2. Once you've run Ethernet cable and installed the elite power kit you're ready to install your ring elite
  3. If you already have an existing junction box in the wall you can use that and discard the provided elite mounting bracket.
  4. If you don't already have an existing junction box in your wall you'll have to install mounting bracket which serves as a low-voltage junction box .
  5. Use the enclosed template to trace the outline of the mounting bracket.
  6. Then carefully cut a rectangle in your wall to install the bracket .
  7. Insert the mounting bracket into the hole , tighten the screws to secure the mounting bracket to your wall.
  8. Pull the ethernet cable through it .
  1. If you'll be wiring ring elite to an existing internal doorbell , pull the doorbell wiring through the opening in the middle of the bracket .
  2. On the back of ring elite it will click into place as soon as you plug the ethernet cable in the ring .
  3. On the front of ring elite , will start spinning and talk to you to let you know it's in setup mode
  4. If this doesn't happen check the connections to your elite power kit .
  5. If your wiring ring elite to an internal doorbell shut off power at the breaker .
  6. Before continuing , insert your doorbell wires into the small holes in the wire connector
  7. Screws to secure the wires afterwards .
  8. Restore power at the breaker bracket angle ring , a lead into the bottom of the bracket .
  9. If elite doesn't fits into the bracket , use both thumbs to firmly press the top and bottom into the bracket simultaneously
  10. Now, you're now ready to complete setup in the ring app which you'll need to do before installing