Ring Video Doorbell Pro Installation


Ring Video Doorbell Pro Setup

Another one is Ring video Doorbell pro , which is only hardwired . It works with 2.4  and 5.0 hertz gigahertz wifi so things potentially works faster in pro . It also requires a strong WIFI connection to work . If you doesn't have a strong wifi connection , the system isn't gonna work as quickly as you want it to

Another features includes:
  • It is comparatively smaller
  • Less invasive
  • Take far less space
  • And looks much nicer
  • It's easy to install and setup like mobile apps

It comes with a removable faceplate , so you can choose the right color matching your house

Installation Of Video Doorbell Pro:

  1. First you'll install the pro power kit on your existing internal doorbell , the pro power kit ensures that your ring video doorbell Pro receives the power it needs
  2. The pro power kit is made for use with 16 volt AC doorbell systems as used in the USA
  3. if you're installing your ring Pro outside the USA your install process may be different
  4. video doorbell - which is powered by rechargeable battery however , if you don't have a wired doorbell but still want the next level features and sleek look of ring video doorbell Pro you can install a plug-in adapter to supply the power it needs .
  5. First shut off the power to your doorbell at the breaker.
  1. Then locate your internal doorbell and remove the cover look for two wires on your internal doorbell.
  2. Now look for a wire labeled front and labeled transformer.
  3. Loosen the front and transformer screws using the provided screwdriver , making sure not to detach any connected wires.
  4. Now , slide the two wire connectors from the pro power kit under the two screws and tighten them, it doesn't matter which wire you connect to each as long as both terminals are connected.
  5. Finally mount the pro power kit inside or alongside your internal doorbell using the provided foam adhesive if necessary.
  6. Take care to mount the pro power kit in a place where it won't interfere with the Bell mechanism.
  7. Now ,  place the cover back on to your doorbell.

Let's head outside to install your ring video doorbell Pro the :

  1. First thing to do is take off the removable faceplate if it doesn't slip off easily hold the device on either end.
  2. Now, push through the middle to detach the faceplate make sure power to your doorbell is still switched off at the breaker.
  3. Then remove your existing doorbell.
  4. Hold your ring doorbell and mark the two screw holes at the top and at the bottom .
  5. If you're installing your ring doorbell on a masonry surface such as brick or concrete you'll need to drill holes .
  6. If you're installing on wood or siding you can skip this step.
  7. Now you're ready to connect the wires , loosen the screws on the back of your ring doorbell.
  8. Then take the wires coming out of your wall and wrap each one around.


  1. If you have trouble connecting your existing wires you can use the included Wyrick Stentor.
  2. Finally feed all the wiring into the hole in your wall .
  3. Power back on ,for your doorbell at the breaker if everything is connected correctly .
  4. Your doorbell will begin its initial setup process once it's finished.
  5. Your doorbell will introduce itself : “welcome to ray world's most advanced doorbell” he may take a while for your ring doorbell to power up after you first install .
  6. Once all the lights are lit it's done
  7. once it's ready you can open the ring app and follow the instructions to complete the setup.