How to Install Ring Doorbell


Ring Video Doorbell Setup

Recently Amazon invested in Ring or we can sat DoorBot,  is a home security company. Ring manufactures a wide range of home security products such as Ring video doorbell, Ring doorbell pro and etcetera.

You might have seen advertisements on facebook or on podcaster about ring video doorbell and Doorbell pro. Essentially the concept here is that you have a doorbell in a video camera, in that video camera there is a super wide angle so it will cover your entire front porch or back porch or wherever you have the camera placed.

The other things that ring has is ,

  • Live streaming was not originally available with first ring video but now you have that too
  • 24/7 live footage of your house , so you can view at any time from your smartphone and even live .
  • You can also see clips when someone rang the doorbell , check the particular time you viewed it .
  • It has removable battery , so that you can charge it and put it back which makes it more convenient
  • All of the above can be done with your smartphone and then also on the web because ring does have a helpful web app .


First 30 days is a trial period and when it ends you can get a cloud storage for your video for $3 per month per camera , all the recording and live stream will be saved for 60 days. But you can always get an unlimited plan which costs $10 per month and $ 100 per year .

All these cameras are weather resistant , down to 5 degree fahrenheit to 120 degree fahrenheit.

Ring video doorbell requires a strong WIFI CONNECTION in order to work hassle free .

How to Install a Doorbell

  1. You will notice that the packaging includes everything needed to do the installation.
  2. It includes a screwdriver bit a , screwdriver handle , even a level to make sure it's mounted level on the wall.
  3. Also a drill bit to drill into the wall .
  4. First charge the built in battery using the supplied USB cable .
  5. Ring can run from a battery but of course it would be better off , if you can run it from your existing doorbell power supply , that way it never needs to be recharged.
  6. Also ,Make sure you download the correct app .
  1. Now You will need to either login or create an account .
  2. Next screen takes you to choose a device .
  3. Now give your device a name .
  4. Continue to confirm your location close enough.
  5. Press the button on the back of the device .
  6. If everything looks nice and clear ,go ahead and press that button a little spinning icon ,  wait until you automatically connect your device's to Wifi network .
  7. It is preferable to choose your in-house demo Network
  8. Now  go ahead and say done